Ejendals core values serve as guiding principles for all employees within our organization. These values are the foundation of a positive and consistent culture. Our core values also serve as a reminder of our company goals and mission.


We value proactive and responsive steps towards meeting customer needs, and we strive to create value through high performance and innovative solutions.

Customer focus is based on a genuine knowledge and interest in our products and how they create value.

Understand the needs of our customers and how we can help them.  Understand the difference between end users, distributors, retail customers and individuals using the product

We believe in responsiveness, answering the telephone and responding well to problems, issues and opportunities we have with our customers. We want to achieve a win-win situation with our customers.   

Customer focus needs to be demonstrated and proven every day. Dare to prioritize customer tasks over internal tasks. 

"Own your patch". Take personal responsibility for the things you can change or influence, for the betterment of your customers, yourself, and your co-workers


We are a family-owned business with a long-term and sustainable focus. It´s reflected in our strategies, investments and behavior to create a world-class business for future generations.

We have a long-term business model. Our aim is to create long-term repeat business.

Sustainability will be key in order to stay in business long term.

We want to have the best working environment – one that motivates employees to grow while having fun.

We have a long-term relation with our end user customers, distributors and suppliers.  

Make decisions with a long-term perspective. We are here for the long run. 


In all we do, we are respectful to our colleagues, customers and business partners. 

Everybody in the company is important for our business success, together with our suppliers and sales channels. 

We recognize the richness that diversity brings to the company. Different perspectives make us better, stronger and more successful.
Always try to see the full picture for the company. 

Tell things like they are – but do it in a respectful way. Report bad news quickly.

We make decisions professionally. We listen to all key  stakeholders. We document decisions and communicate them well. 

Praise in public and criticize constructively in private: that is the key in giving feedback.  


We keep learning and improving to achieve our target of excellence. 

In Ejendals we are striving for excellence. We find solutions to make the impossible possible. 

To achieve excellence, we need to continuously improve from where we are and move forward in the right direction. 

Every small improvement counts. 

We need to prioritize time for improvement of our processes. 

Improvement and excellence are created by the competence of our people. Learning and knowledge sharing are key to our success.

Find the perfect balance between simplicity and structure.

Take initiative across departments – collaborate to make cross-functional improvements: